• You Will Learn:

    • 3 advantages of voice mail
    • 10 elements of a compelling voice mail message
    • How to leave an effective voice mail message
    • Breaking out of voice mail hell
    • Using a phone system to your advantage
    • Plus much more!!!
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    • Creating Business Over The Phone
    • Making Cold Calling Work
    • Maintaining Your Motivation
    • Making The Most of Your Sales Presentations
    • Improve Your Sales With Quality Questions
    • Managing Objections Effectively
    • The Power of Information
    • Utilizing Tools & Technology
    • Dealing with Voice Mail Hell
    • Improve Your Telephone Communication Skills
    • Tips & Ideas
    • Marketing Yourself & Your Business
    • How to Use Email to Help You Sell
    • 11 Actions Sales Reps Should Avoid
    • 5 Steps to Cold Calling Success
    • Account Review Checklist
    • Phone Effectiveness
    • 26 Proven Strategies to Motivate Your Team
    • 30 Strategies to Overcoming Objections
    • 31 Ways to Deliver a Dynamic Sales Presentation
    • 35 Ways to Create a Powerful First Impressione Mail Hell
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  • You Will Learn:

    • 15 steps to cold calling success
    • How to change "no" into "yes"
    • 1 Secret to setting appointments
    • Effectively responding to "Just send me information"
    • Developing a voice that sells
    • Plus much more!!!
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  • You Will Learn:

    • Questions for gaining agreement
    • Weak questions to avoid
    • Fact finding questions
    • 112 prospect qualifying questions
    • Purchase and decision-maker questions
    • Plus much more!!!
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  • You Will Learn:

    • How to get free never-ending promotion
    • The 5 P's of professional service business marketing
    • 2 great give-away ideas
    • The best business gift to give a client or prospect
    • Creating on-going value
    • Plus much more!!!
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  • You Will Learn:

    • 11 techniques to listen more effectively
    • 11 simple strategies to improve how you sound
    • An easy way to ask for an appointment
    • The permission secret
    • How to set follow-up calls
    • Plus much more!!!
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  • You Will Learn:

    • Where you can find better leads
    • 5 components of a powerful e-brochure
    • 29 elements of an effective website
    • Improve responses to email
    • How to ask for referrals and testimonials
    • Plus much more!!!
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  • You Will Learn How To:

    • Write subject lines that will cause your email to be opened and read
    • Write an email that will generate a response
    • Write a non-salesy email
    • Write and use a summary email to set up a next action step
    • Plus much more!!!
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  • You Will Learn:

    • 10 strategies that will help you sell more
    • How to end rejection for good
    • The power of setting goals
    • Best practices of selling
    • 10 time management tips
    • Plus much more!!!
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  • You Will Learn:

    • 3 steps to building your ideal prospect file
    • 12 questions to establish credibility
    • 11 things that people really want from a product/service
    • How to prioritize your calls
    • The importance of pre-call planning
    • Plus much more!!!
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  • You Will Learn:

    • Why empathy is a powerful tool
    • The importance of asking questions
    • How to reduce the frequency of objections
    • Harnessing the power of testimonials
    • One question you should always be prepared to answer
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  • You Will Learn:

    • The importance of helping your team set goals
    • How to use praise
    • What communication strategies are most effective
    • The power of leading by example
    • What employees really want from their boss
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