Ron LaVine, MBA, President and Founder of Accelerated Sales Training, has been in sales and sales management for over 35 years. He has worked with hundreds and hundreds of new and experienced demand generation reps, lead generation reps, business development reps, field reps, inside sales reps plus account managers, helping them to learn how to get more business while phone prospecting. Read on to see what some of our clients are saying.


“Ron, we are doing fantastic. Sales are up 39% so far this year. Many thanks to you.”

Jim Norton, Bomgar Corporation

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“I hired Ron to help us change the way we were selling over the phone. He took 20 experienced and successful telesales people, and not only taught them new ways of doing things, but SHOWED them how to do it, and that it COULD be done. The year we used Ron, our sales increased from $9M to $30M [. . .]!”

Eric Graber, SERENA


“I hired Ron to help my sales team at IBM with their Phone Prospecting Call efforts. Ron did a masterful job [. . . Our] qualified pipeline increased 219%.”

Mark Whittenburg, IBM Corporation

Our Clients - MicroFocus

“I was first introduced to Ron sales development tools when I was at Micro Focus selling a complex software technology. Up to then Cold Calling to me was having a sales manager hand you a phonebook and tell you to find some customers. I learned how to use and internalize Ron’s method in a short period of time. It is no accident that a short time later I closed the largest deal of my career. $2.8 million in new license revenue at a major insurance company.”

Patrick Heslin, Micro Focus

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“Ron offers a very unique and reliable method of getting a high level meeting with a client. His concept is awesome and it does work! [. . .] I’ve seen a 20-30% increase in meetings due to his methodology. [. . .] I highly recommend having a conversation with Ron if you need help in setting up meetings for both novice and experienced sales personnel.”

Ted Guthrie, Baan

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“Ron’s course was the most impactful sales training I have ever received in my 20 years sales career. Ron doesn’t talk about selling, he engages you to sell to your clients live as the means of his instruction. I was doubtful when we started the class if his method would work. After our first session I went back to my desk prior to lunch and I had a voice message from the VP of IT at Citigroup, returning my call and asking me to call him back. I continue to use Ron’s techniques in my selling every day–I could not be more enthusiastic about any sales training than I am about what Ron offers–he’s a dynamo.”

Mark Cuneo, Merant

“Thank you again for the legacy of cold calling skills acquired during the training you did for our group when I was at Software AG back in 2002. Fast forward to 2013, those same skills have remained current and helped me [. . .] close one of the largest deals of my career ( $6 million dollars over 3 years of SaaS revenue). Thanks again Ron ! Could not have done it without this training.”

Mark Klages, Software AG

Our Clients - AECOM

“Ron’s approach to cold-call training is innovative and extremely effective. He is an excellent trainer and I was impressed by his technique during the live cold calling demonstration. His training is so effective that one of the students was able to land an appointment with a major client DURING the training session. All of the students I spoke with were simply blown away by the results. His training is definitely a worthwhile endeavor for all sales professionals.”

Hector Ortiz, AECOM

“Ron [. . .] made [cold calling] fun and took the anxiety out of it. Best of all, he made some calls on the spot to prospects and got actual appointments. He then coached some of our sales folks through the process and THEY got results. Many of them have now integrated Ron’s techniques into their day to day routines. All of them were satisfied with the results of the workshop and we look forward to working with Ron again in the future.”

Kathy Clark, Smarthinking

Our Clients - MicroFocus

“I was always looking for ways to improve our sales pipeline and the quality of our leads. Ron came to my attention as a tremendous resource in the area of cold calling. [. . .] Hiring Ron turned out to be a great decision as [. . .] he immediately improved the cold calling skills of our inside and outside sales teams. In addition, through improved success in our prospecting activity we more than paid for the costs associated with the training in less than 3 months time.

One of the things that impressed me about Ron was the fact that he did not just talk about his techniques, but actually did cold calls to some of our key target accounts right in the class. Not only was he successful in getting access to the right people, he also demonstrated to everyone present that his techniques actually work.

If you are a sales management executive and are serious about improving the cold calling skills of your salespeople, you can’t afford not to call Ron. Do it. You won’t be sorry.”

Doug Little, Micro Focus

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“I have had the pleasure of leveraging Ron’s unique training at two different organizations now. Ron never fails to share the targeted account penetration secrets that give his students real “Ah-Ha” moments. He not only teaches unique concepts on how to break into that coveted prospect…he also makes live calls himself in front of his students as a proof point. In every class my sales people have secured high level face to face meetings with targeted prospects that they had not been able to reach before. I will leverage Ron again in the future and I highly recommend him for any sales organization that wants to raise their face to face sales call numbers!”

DeWayne Addington, Information Builders

“This guy blew our minds. He sat in front of a group of 20 year sales veterans and using their accounts, made live cold calls on their accounts to get appointments they said were impossible to get. He proved that his approach to cold calling really works.”

Bailey Allard

“Many thanks to Ron for a refresher on his techniques which helped me generate a meeting with the CIO for one of the VA regional Integrated Service Networks. Being friendly and thanking people for their help and following his script worked like a charm. Many thanks!!”

David Jamieson, Tripwire

“We immediately put into practice your techniques and strategies learned during our live training. During the first week, our appointment volume increased over 25%. Thanks again for providing us the tools for a bright future.”

Douglas Marlin, Independent Technology Group

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“[. . .] I got 3 appointments while doing your course. One of those appointments was [with] an account that I’ve been trying to penetrate for a whole year without success. In 2 minutes with your course I had a meeting with their CIO!”

Patrick Authier, Information Builders, Inc.

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“We were all amazed how easily you were able to navigate through accounts and obtain key information in a live environment. And to hear one of our own reps set an appointment with the CFO of a Fortune 100 during a training exercise (in front of both peers and management) was both amazing and motivating for the team.”

Joshua Howard, CyrusOne

“In four short hours we got appointments with UCLA and Cal State Long Beach, not to mention the name of the key print buyer at KB Homes. We will keep you posted on our success at DirecTV as well.”

Mike Hooghkirk, MeadWestvaco Corporation

“Ron’s techniques were practical, they addressed our greatest needs and it was obvious they would make a difference. Then, when we all started to put them to work in the practice calls, all I can say is Wow! We sold more during the demo calls that we invested in the training. Now that is ROI! It’s been about seven weeks since the training and I’ve seen a clear and positive difference in the way we sell and the way we think.”

Tom Brooksher, National Cable & Television Institute