Need Help Boosting Sales Rep Confidence?

Need Help Boosting Sales Rep Confidence?

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Are Any Of These Scenarios Familiar To You?

  • Are your salespeople having a hard time phone prospecting and reaching decision-makers?

  • Are they are suffering from reluctance and fear of rejection?

  • Are they finding it impossible to get calls returned and getting into an endless loop of voice mail?

LIVE Phone Prospecting

Call Method

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Benefits of Our Training


They are easily able to reach top decision-makers that can make buying decisions without manipulative techniques and gaining full trust enabling them to set appointments much easier.


Call reluctance and fear of rejection is dramatically reduced because the process becomes so much easier and so much fun. As a result salespeople make many more calls because they’re getting results consistently like they never had before.


Working with gatekeepers is no longer a problem. In fact, people learn how to make the gatekeeper their ally, the person that can help them best in the selling process.


People have learned very simple and effective techniques for getting calls returned from voice mail quickly with prospects eager to hear what you have to offer on the other end of the line.

“I Highly Recommend Your Workshop”

“Ron, we are doing fantastic. Sales are up 39% so far this year. Many thanks to you.”

Jim Norton

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About Us

The goal of Accelerated Sales Training (AST) is to enable salespeople to accelerate their sales results by applying an easy to learn and implement Phone Prospecting Call Method to speed up their sales cycle and sales success.

Our business philosophy focuses on using pre-call research and planning combined with a polite, respectful, and persistent informational “Understanding Comes Before Selling” strategy. The key concept is to gain a better grasp of the needs, challenges and problems decision-makers face or may face, before trying to discuss a solution.

This non-threatening, informational approach enables decision-makers, and those surrounding them, to be less defensive and share more information that can be used to make the sale. The focus is on fact-finding and information gathering using an intelligent, yet simple, repeatable system.

This proven system consistently uncovers new business opportunities; helps identify and map out all the decision-makers, buyers, influencers, and stakeholders within an organization. Then, using the information gained, face-to-face meetings, online demos or phone appointments are set.

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How Our

LIVE Phone Prospecting Call Training Works

In developing our training over the years we realized that one of the biggest needs was to learn how to get in front of decision-makers. Also sales reps needed to learn how to reduce the call reluctance, eliminate the fear of rejection, how to get through or work with those gatekeepers and how to get responses from voice and email messages.

How You or Your Sales Team Will Benefit

By investing in our On-Site or Remote Live Phone Prospecting Call Method training and coaching, you or your sales team will:

  • Learn how to quickly penetrate Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 accounts
  • Learn how to identify and confirm decision-makers, influencers, stakeholders and other buyer types,
  • Learn how to get appointments with decision-makers,
  • Learn how to fill up sales pipelines, enabling sales forecasts to stay ahead of target,
  • Experience cold calling strategies in action addressing challenges such as how to work with gatekeepers, leave compelling voice mails and how to maximize the value of each call,
  • Receive cost-effective cold call training and coaching, delivered in a way students can use immediately to increase the success of cold calling efforts,
  • Get to make live cold calls into real prospects, real time and receive real time coaching via Google Instant Messenger,
  • Plus much more!
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