by Ron


by Ron


By Ron S. LaVine, MBA, President and Founder of Accelerated Sales Training


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I offer complementary phone and email coaching to my past students. To arrange your complementary session, please call me at 818-519-3852. I can review your emails and voice mails, and we can also make live phone prospecting calls.

This offer is only valid until November 30, 2015 and there are a limited number of sessions available. Call 1-818-519-3852 now or send an email to and receive complementary coaching.

This is an actual letter I used to produce responses in two subsidiaries (and I was referred into a third subsidiary) of an GBP1 Billion FTSE 250 company headquartered in Great Britain where AAAAA, BBBBB and CCCCC and DDDDD are all subsidiaries of EEEEE. As you can see, I used fictional names in this example and it went like this:

Hello Mr. Smith,

AAAAA USA, LAT-AM and APAC are customers of Accelerated Sales Training. Thank you for forwarding this to the people besides yourself, responsible for sales and new business development at DDDDD, Inc.

Recently I delivered a live cold calling/phone prospecting sales training In Singapore June 29th, June 30th and July 1st for AAAAA Asia Pacific, an EEEEE Subsidiary. During the final two live calling days of the workshop, 21 appointments plus 1 Request for Quote were set over the phone by the 10 participants and myself.

+8 Korea
+4 Singapore (1 by me in English)
+4 Australia
+2 India (plus 1 Request For Quote)
+2 Japan
+1 Taiwan

This is what the AAAAA USA’s President had to say about my training:

Hi Ron,

I want to thank you for the inside sales (call) training you have provided to my team earlier this year. We are starting to see the early signs of success and closed our first orders directly related to the cold calling and no way we would have received those orders without your training.


Bill Jones, President at AAAAA, Inc., an EEEEE Subsidiary
July 6, 2015,

Bill was Ron’s client

Is there an interest in a brief discussion about live phone prospecting/new business development sales training?

If yes, with whom shall I follow up with and on what day and time?

If no, please let me know that instead and if and when I should continue to follow up.

Thank you.



PS. I’m currently working with the Director, Tom Jones, of EEEEE Asia Pacific and Larry Washington of DDDDD APAC to arrange for additional training for DDDDD China.

www. AcceleratedSalesTraining .com

My point is, if you have a referral emphasize it and also collect testimonials or LinkedIn Recommendations to add even more credibility to your correspondence.

What Students are Saying About Ron‘s Live Cold Call Training…

Good class for trying to flex a new, or different, muscle or two. Ron Rocked!

Deanna L. – Account Executive
I’m so appreciative of all of the Google, LinkedIn, and Buffer tips and tricks! I’m also really grateful for the call scripts, both live and voicemail. Very good!

Nicole S. – Account Executive

It was great! I really liked the hands on workshop.

Tami W. – Sales Development Specialist
The class was easy to understand. Ron made it very easy to understand, not only the cold calling but also the use of social selling.

David K​. -​ Account Executive​

Until the next issue –

Remember, what you think is what you attract. So think the good thoughts!


Ron S. LaVine, MBA, CEO and Editor of The SIREN​

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