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by Ron


How to Suggest an Appointment When Cold Calling

By Ron LaVine, CEO of Accelerate Your Sales Results

In the last month Have you ever been on the phone with a decision maker and the conversation is going great but it seems to be leading no where- You start to run out of things to say so you begin talking about what you know [which is your solutions and company] while the decision maker seems to sound antsy and ready to get off the phone. What can you do- How about suggesting an appointment as the next step-

Let-s say you-ve said all the right things and the prospect has an interest. What do you say now- Try suggesting an appointment by saying something like this:


What I-d like to do is to set up a brief 15 to 20 minute meeting, to introduce myself, understand more about how your company does business to determine if we can be of service to you.

Do you have your calendar handy- Great.

What does it look like next week or the week after-

What day works best for you- [If they don-t have an answer suggest a day] How about ___day or ___day-

What time works best for you- [If they don-t have an answer suggest a time] How about ___ am or ___ pm-

Are you located at ____-

Is there a Building, Room, Suite or Floor-

What is your email address so I can send you a meeting invite with my contact information-

By the way, who besides yourself should be at the meeting- [Offer to copy those people on your invitation and then ask for their email addresses].

I look forward to meeting with you on the [Day & Date] at [Time].

Thank you.


The nice thing about this call guide is it emphasizes a being of service oriented approach not a salesy one. People don-t like to be sold, they like to buy and our job is to help them buy the way they want to buy which may not be the way we want to sell.

Try suggesting an appointment at the end of your calls. You-ll be amazed at how many people say YES! Also, remember to finish every call by suggesting a time and date specific action next step whether it is a follow up call, phone or face to face appointment, commitment to attend webinar or a demonstration. If you do this, your sales pipeline will stay full, you-ll have plenty of appointments and you will make more sales.




What People are Saying About Ron-s Training-


Hi Ron,

I want to thank you for the inside sales (call) training you have provided to my team earlier this yr. We are starting to see the early signs of success and closed our first orders directly related to the cold calling and no way we would have received those orders without your training.


Gjalt Kuiperes
President at PANalytical Inc.


-What Ron Lavine brought to the table was beneficial in the fact that he is a master of navigating through corporate channels and most of all, corporate blockades to reach the decision maker! There was a couple of tricks I learned in the circumnavigating game that proved to be a great re-currency training.

Main highlight that came to mind was staying persistent in accounts that don-t advertise phone numbers on their web-site and using different avenues to try and reach the targeted title we-re after. This in itself was paramount. Especially watching & listening to him do it in action as opposed to just being preached how to do it. Any new sales rep will benefit from this.

I had a good time with my experience working with Ron.-

Jean J. Jimenez
Senior Sales Executive, Azul Systems, West U.S. & Mexico


-My training with Ron was extremely beneficial. After applying his word usage my opportunities went up 10% within the week as far as calls go. –

Ashleigh Baldwin
Business Development Coordinator



Until the next issue-

Remember, what you think is what you attract. So think the good thoughts!



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